TecVeris and our long term business partner Whitlock, are pleased to announce our NEW DevOps ValueFirst Workshop.

This workshop is focused on a major convergence in Lean Agile methods and DevOps.  Being adopted by a rapidly growing number of companies, DevOps and Agile inevitably improves traditional development and on-going operations.

Our Workshop is collaborative, informative and helps you make decisions on how to get started. We offer training, coaching and support services to launch a tailored DevOps Program with options for Agile training and coaching as a small pilot or enterprise wide initiative.

To help you determine if our new Workshop is worth your time and investment, you may want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the infrastructure and operations teams part of the development process?
  • Are investments in dev tools outpacing automation software, and software for deployment, monitoring, information security and infrastructure services?
  • Are your development practices scalable and sustainable?
  • Do deployments create bottlenecks for assurance teams impacting quality and security?
  • Is there a fire drill approach to major rollouts and support incidents?

If you are facing any of these challenges then our DevOps ValueFirst Workshop will get you started on a roadmap for implementing DevOps in your organization.

Please contact us if you have any questions; we look forward to discussing this with you and tailoring a workshop that’s best for your company.

Some background

What is DevOps? The continued practice of teaming software developers with IT operations to improve process efficiency and fast-track deliverables.

Where did DevOps come from?

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond gave a talk “10 Deploys a Day: Dev and Ops Cooperation at Flickr” at the 2009 O’Reilly Velocity Conference, which was later seen by Patrick Debois who started the first “devopsdays” in Belgium.

Brian Paniccia
Managing Partner
[email protected]