COVID-19: A Collaborative Response

COVID-19: A Collaborative Response–Business agility enables us to rapidly adapt to new risks and address systemic challenges. Collaboration, transparency, and alignment are needed now more than ever as the challenge of COVID-19 requires us to change how we work and re-think our daily routines. 

Thinking beyond business continuity, we can show true leadership at this time; empathizing with our customers and wherever possible adapting our products and services to be more responsive to our communities facing the challenge of this current situation.


We understand that many of our clients are having to respond quickly and make changes to meetings, travel, and events. We will work to accommodate changes to schedules and policies.

We prioritize the safety of our employees and clients and are committed to supporting our clients through flexible working arrangements. TecVeris Advisors are fully equipped to support our clients through remote work.

Collaboration Tools & Links

We are working with out clients and partners, testing  tools to help you continue your mission. 

  • Retrium–- a great tool to support remote retrospectives and I&A workshops
  • Trello–a proven tool that can integrate with Jira to share remote boards
  • Miro–provides a great way to create shared program and whiteboards

SAFe Resources 

SAFe® has adapted policies around remote training delivery, event attendance, and PI Planning.

This includes the ability for TeVeris to facilitate both public and private training remotely with distributed teams and guidance for remote PI Planning to keep your Agile Release Trains running. For more information, please visit the TecVeris Remote Training page and the SAFe COVID-19 response page called COVID-19: Adapting the SAFe® Way.