Global Value Stream Mapping and Improvement Tools
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nVeris™ Value Stream Management

Visualize Value Flow

Quickly collaborate map, score, and improve Value Streams with the world’s first free and anonymous Global Value Stream Mapping Tool.

Define Value

Start with a product or service that brings value to a customer. What is the trigger or lead? How many are produced in a given period of time? How long does it take before your customer receives value? Not sure where to start? Talk with your customers—they will have plenty to say.
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nVeris™ Value Stream Management

Map Your Value Stream

Define the steps from the trigger until value is received. Focus on the functions and the hand-offs between them. VSM is lean, not step by step flowcharting. Make a first pass on your own or on a collaborative board with a group—we made it super accessible and fast—stand in a room or on a Zoom. Share the QR-MAP code and start mapping. Woo Hoo!
nVeris™ Value Stream Management

Score Your Value Stream

Score flow metrics for each step in the Value Stream, with Wait Time, Processing Time, and Quality/Re-Work too. Quickly identify and tag functional areas. Share your QR-SCORE code and rapidly score from diverse points of view.
nVeris™ Improvement Tools

Relentlessly Improve

Anonymously compare Flow metrics in the aggregate, by functional segment, across industries, company size, Value Stream type, or over time. nVeris also supports Assessments, Global Surveys and FlashScores to continuously improve and delight your customers!   Get in touch to learn more.
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