TecVeris Agile Contracts Toolkit

We developed our toolkit to help agile organizations spend less time managing waterfall contracts and more time collaborating.

Stop Managing Agile Initiatives with Legacy Contracts

The agile community has promoted the importance of “Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation” since the publication of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. For years our TecVeris Advisors have searched for usable contract templates, compatible with Agile and Scaled Agile frameworks. We found excellent articles and studies, but no examples that could be put into real-world use. Using legacy waterfall contracts over agile teams and programs, creates greater risk of sub-optimal systems, driving anti-patterns of risk avoidance behaviors and higher overhead.

Spend Less Time Defending and More Time Collaborating

The TecVeris Agile Contracts Toolkit was developed with the input of legal counsel and customers over several iterations.

The toolkit includes:

  • Agile Master Agreement Template with agile definitions and an operating agreement template structure that adopts the patterns of lean agile working agreements made between partners as collaborators.
  • Agile Statement of Work (SOW) Templates with multiple levels – similar to time and materials based for smaller enhancements to larger dedicated team and program capacity based templates.
  • Agile Program Pricing Calculator to support pricing and day to day engagement management, based on story points with change order tracking and automated calculations as debits and credits. Share as a google sheet or excel format.
  • Coming Soon Jira and Azure DevOps kits with instructions for incorporating the change management calculator in your Agile development tool. Connect with us to receive the kits when available.

Access the toolkit and set up your agile tools to track the agile contract change management process.