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Our Advisors have been in your shoes. We understand the pressure of keeping customers happy, maintaining quality, and meeting investor expectations—all while engaging and developing talent to achieve maximum potential.
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Model-Driven Assessment

We help you realize your organization’s competitive advantage by identifying how you can reduce waste and increase efficiency.
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Lean Agile Transformation

We quickly earn the trust of our clients because we have real world experience, speak their language, and have lived through many of the challenges they face.
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Embrace the future of enterprise efficiency with our Atlassian services.
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DevOps Enablement

We help clients build and grow DevOps in an economical and incremental way.
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SAFe certification courses offer a clear path for your success.
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Talent Solutions

High-value part/full-time talent services
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Accelerate Speed to Market, Innovation, and Customer Value

TecVeris’s holistic approach focuses on improving development predictability and quality, while addressing manual and wasted effort so that you can delight your customers and inspire your teams to innovate and compete. While our products and services are not industry-specific, we have extensive experience across a wide range of industries.
A Holistic Approach
TecVeris's holistic approach improves product development and service delivery predictability, quality, and value to inspire your teams and delight your customers.
Real World Experience
Our Advisors have been in your shoes - we understand the pressure of keeping customers happy, maintaining quality, and managing investor expectations - all while keeping teams motivated an engaged.
Strategic Agility
Today it's not enough to have a great strategy, innovative idea or a great product. With the accelerating pace of disruption and fierce competition for talent and customers, you must be able to rapidly execute on strategy and have the agility to pivot as conditions inevitably change.
What Our Clients Say
“We choose TecVeris because they were somebody we could trust. I could trust that they knew our problems and could relate to the challenges, especially when it came to personnel and not just the Xs and Os but also changing minds and understanding how people work.”
EVP Technology
AdTech Industry
"TecVeris meets you where you are and then allows you to get to where you need to be."
AdTech Industry
"2020 would have gone very differently had we not been through our transformation with TecVeris. We did not miss a beat."
EVP Technology
Cloud Software Provider
"We are delivering functionality faster and more predictably than ever before…."
Global Mobile Platform
“and what we deliver is now prioritized based on what brings the highest value."
Product R&D Exec
See how we’ve helped customers accelerate value.
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Whether your organization is new to agile or needs a “reboot,” our advisors help you develop and execute your agile roadmap. We train, certify, and coach teams and leadership in proven Lean Agile practices that will transform how your organization brings value to market.
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