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Millie Paniccia

Millie, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at TecVeris, leads in Lean Agile adoption, with 20+ years of experience spanning FinTech, AdTech, and EdTech, previously in executive roles at Wall Street International (a division of Pearson Inc.) and AOL Advertising.


Millie is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at TecVeris. She is a certified Scaled Agile Framework SPC and strategic leader in Lean Agile adoption. Prior to starting TecVeris, Millie was the Executive Director of Software Development with Wall Street International a division of Pearson Inc. and VP of Technology at AOL Advertising. Her 20+ years of industry experience includes FinTech, AdTech and EdTech. Millie loves supporting her daughters' pursuits in equestrian sports, softball and soccer. She is also passionate about her volunteer work advising young professionals and empowering women in technology careers.

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Millie Paniccia

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