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Our Advisors have been in your shoes. We understand the pressure of keeping customers happy, maintaining quality, and meeting investor expectations—all while engaging and developing talent to achieve maximum potential.
Who We Are

Accelerate Speed to Market, Innovation, and Customer Value

TecVeris’s holistic approach focuses on improving development predictability and quality, while addressing manual and wasted effort so that you can delight your customers and inspire your teams to innovate and compete. Our services include:

  • Assessment
  • Lean Agile Transformation
  • Training
  • Atlassian Build & Run
  • DevOps Enablement
  • Talent Solutions

Model-Driven Assessment

Realize your organization’s competitive advantage by quickly identifying how you can reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Lean Agile Transformation

Change your organization’s software and product development process to increase profitability.

Lean Agile Workshops

Customized training provides your teams with a solid Lean Agile foundation and inspire them to collaborate, communicate, and deliver.

Talent Solutions

Leverage our expertise in lean agile product development and transformation to recruit top talent for your organization.

We choose TecVeris because they were somebody we could trust. I could trust that they knew our problems and could relate to the challenges, especially when it came to personnel and not just the Xs and Os but also changing minds and understanding how people work.

EVP Technology

AdTech Industry

TecVeris is not only a combination of structured information provider and facilitator-trainer, but also a very flexible consultative organization that meets you where you are and then allows you to get to where you need to be.


AdTech Industry

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Additional Services


Reduce technical debt and accelerate innovation by growing a DevOps culture.

LeanOps iTSM

Advance LeanAgile enablement of IT service management.


Update your Atlassian stack to support your organization’s ability to align, scale, and deploy continuously with Jira, Confluence, CI/CD with Bitbucket, and other DevOps Integrations.

Atlassian SLA Based Virtual Support

Our team of certified experts will respond to user requests, maintain change control, provide maintenance, and update knowledge bases for self-help under an SLA plan to suit your needs. We can augment your internal teams or provide 100% coverage.


While our products and services are not industry-specific, we have extensive experience across a wide range of industries.

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