Model-Driven Assessment

We help you realize your organization’s competitive advantage by identifying how you can reduce waste and increase efficiency.
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Measure and Improve

Our model-driven assessment helps to reduce waste in your development and delivery lifecycle. We review your current processes and clearly identify the highest-impact areas for improvement. We won’t just tell you what to improve, but will provide suggested pathways for how to improve it.

The assessment combines a value stream management workshop, targeted interviews across roles and functions in your organization, and an online survey.

Value Stream Workshop

The collaborative Value Stream Mapping Workshop offers a powerful venue for executives and managers to quickly organize around value. You’ll pinpoint which factors in your value streams have the greatest improvement opportunities.

Feedback from executives and participating teams notes that our Value Stream Workshops provide a different, collaborative approach to reach agreement and prioritize improvements.


1:1 and small group interviews help to inform survey questions. They also add depth and examples to the assessment. 

Interviewees appreciate that the format gives them space to drill into issues and explore opportunities for improvement.

Survey and Scoring

A rapid way to capture and baseline data to measure the financial impact of gaps and opportunities for improvement. Aggregated and segmented results help to quickly illustrate gaps and document impediments.

Our model has been refined since 2011 and augments data uncovered in the Value Stream Mapping workshop.

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Our Advisors Help Resolve Complex Challenges

Whether your organization is new to agile or needs a “reboot,” our advisors help you develop and execute your agile roadmap. We train, certify, and coach teams and leadership in proven Lean Agile practices that will transform how your organization brings value to market.

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