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Transformational and Interim Talent Placement

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Companies need to respond quickly to market changes and adapt quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities with innovative solutions.

TecVeris Talent Solutions Advisors bring in-depth vertical knowledge and a wide understanding of the cross-functional complexities you are facing in today’s competitive environment. Leverage our deep expertise in lean agile development, DevOps and digital transformation – to help you find and engage the top talent for your organization.

Unlike high volume recruiters, our talent solutions advisors are experienced technology and product development executives who have been in your shoes


Our flexible model enables you to engage part or full-time contract, or contract-to-hire talent.

Contract-to-hire enables smart, risk-free hiring. You have time to assess how a candidate fits your culture, evaluate skills, and confirm that they will make a significant long-term impact to your organization. While most dedicated staffing firms seek full-time placements – we offer fractional, part-time and pay only for what you use options.

Direct Hire

We partner with your team to search, screen, and coordinate hiring from the first resume review to performance on the job.

Our streamlined approach to recruiting has been proven to work in the tightest of markets. We leverage our implementation and transformation experience and a global network of talent. From technical, data science, architecture, and engineering roles to VP/CTO/CPO level placements, we have a proven track record of delivering top talent solutions to global and F500 companies.

Executive Leadership

Perfect for organizations that are growing rapidly, going through significant change, and need to quickly augment their leadership team.

Our VP/CTO/CIO/CPO advisors have worked with private equity firms and companies about to go public that require additional perspective or have supported a leadership team going through a major transition. Our flexible fractional/full-time model will help you meet current needs and optionally transition our advisor into a permanent member of your executive team.


While our products and services are not industry-specific, we have extensive experience across a wide range of industries.

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