Case Study: Industrial Company


TecVeris helped a Fortune 500 industrial company throughout all phases of a global supply chain warranty cost recovery system deployment. TecVeris advisors helped develop the business case, select vendors, lead custom software development and integrations with multiple manufacturing, ERP and financial systems. The two-year plus program introduced iterative and Agile approaches that achieved all cost benefit targets.

The Challenge

This industrial company grew through the acquisition of several leading agricultural equipment brands and inherited internationally diverse centers for Information Technology operations and varied development practices. The business needed a proven advisor to help the teams build a framework for collaborating across diverse cultures, platforms and languages which was used to deploy a global solution for warranty cost recovery and achieve ROI in a complex technical and changing business environment.

TecVeris Delivers

Early in the engagement the TecVeris advisor conducted collaboration sessions in each of the primary global centers, establishing a clear roadmap for iterative facilitated solution designs that formed both core and distributed teams. The teams planned for successive iterations that built up the systems and integrations aligned to the program vision and strategic goals. The global teams were cross-functional and able to set their commitments and demonstrate working increments in a standard cadence of regular demos and feedback sessions. The teams gained momentum and made decisions on design and implementation details.

TecVeris also helped the client incorporate regular DEVCON (hackathon style) innovation events, promoting rapid solution development and revolutionary levels of engagement and productivity. After the successful warranty recovery solution implementation, the client leveraged similar engagement programs within other projects and launched a program to bring Agile development to its product teams.


Fortune 500 – $13BB+ annual revenue


Global agricultural equipment, publicly traded


  • USA
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Brazil
  • Australia

TecVeris Team:

  • 1 Partner Advisor


2+ yrs

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